Artisian Splitface Gardenwall

Artisian Series


GreenShield Concrete Technologies

GreenShield Technologies receives confirmation from the National research Council of Canada (NRC) that it's GreenShield Plus+ Lightweight Masonry Units withstood the fire resistance test (FRR) for more than 2.5 hours, in accordance with the CAN/ULC S101 standard.

The FRR test was performed at the NRC test labs in Ottawa, in November 2018.

Congratulations to all the R&D team members at GreenShield Technologies, Newtonbrook Block and Poraver North America for their efforts in this 2 year endeavor.

Many thanks go out to Dr. Mohamed Sultan, NRC Research Officer / Heat Transfer, Dr. Ahmed Kashef, Fire Safety / Civil Engineering Infrastructure, Mr. Gary Sturgeon, P.Eng., CCMPA and Dr. Tobias Gutberlet, Application Engineering, Poraver GmbH, Germany.

Please download brochure or visit for more information.

Protect The Planet • Build GreenGreenShield Concrete Technologies
Contact Nino Masucci, Director of Sales
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GreenShield Concrete Technologies

Newtonbrook is pleased to introduce GreenShield™ Concrete Technologies.

GreenShield™ is a concrete series of products made in-part from recycled glass, preventing over one million pounds of glass reaching landfill sites each year. It also reduces over one million pounds of carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere. This innovative technology is the first of its kind in the concrete industry to take that next step in protecting our environment and planet. It is applied to our entire line of products, from standard bricks to designer stones.

GreenShield™ provides the highest amount of available LEED points. This, in-turn, substantially, improves LEED credit availability for builders, developers, architects and spec-writers.

Please download brochure or visit for more information.

Protect The Planet • Build GreenGreenShield Concrete Technologies
Contact Nino Masucci, Director of Sales

OMCA Release - September 6, 2016

OMCA Release

Check out our latest ad below!

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"New for Spring 2015" - The NG Stone Raphael Collection


2014 Photo of the Year

Newtonbrook is a proud partner, producer and developer of NG Stone products, where our uniquely designed presses ensure a high density fine grain stone, replicating nature and the natural sedimentation and rock formation.

2014 Photo of the Year

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For information on NG Stone, please contact NG Stone at 647-889-5046 (Phil Boyle) or visit for more information.

Two current projects we are involved in: Mars Research Centre - Toronto (left) and Bluewater Condominiums - Oakville (right)

MarsCentre small   Bluewater Condominiums small

New to the Artisan Paver Series - Valencia 80 mm Pavers!

New to our Artisan Series: Valencia 80 mm Paver

New to our Artisan Series: Valencia 80 mm Paver

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New - Colorado 80 mm Textured Pavers!

Please visit our showroom to see the new style and colours of paving stone. We are introducing a new, textured 80mm paver, called the Colorado...

New Colorado Textured 80 mm Paver

New Colorado Textured 80 mm Paver

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Newtonbrook Celebrating 60 Years!

Newtonbrook Celebrating 60 Years

Newtonbrook Block and Supply is a trusted and respected family owned Canadian manufacturer of concrete products celebrating 60 years in business in 2011. Read more...

On Saturday, May 7, 2011 employees and customers of Newtonbrook celebrated the company's 60th anniversary. On hand for the event were Stouffville mayor Wayne Emmerson and members of the Town Council, who recognized this milestone.

A live band, as well as a barbecue lunch was a great success. Newtonbrook would like to thank all who attended and also all of our customers who are the reason we are celebrating 60 years in business.

Pavers that Beautify Your World!

Newtonbrook Block is pleased to announce the launch of our new and modern, user-friendly website.

Newtonbrook Block

Having expanded into the landscape world with a splash, we had a desire to match our site and provide the homeowner and the professional with an extensive resource of information, from product range to quality. A vast selection of photographs is on display in our Gallery page, a fantastic resource for assisting you in creating your own ideas, to inspire you to beautify your own world. Let your fingers do the research.

Block-wall stops fire from destroying home.

CCMPA: Drywall OR Concrete Walls

Your computer isn't the only place that should have a firewall.

Download more information (PDF)

Newtonbrook participates as the block supplier to prestigious architect award project.

An east-end Toronto public school was the lone Canadian recipient of an American Institute for Architects (AIA) 2008 Institute Honor Award for Architecture. In January, Thomas Wells Public School (designed by Baird Sampson Neuert Architects for the Toronto District School Board [TDSB]) was named one of 13 winners. Billed as being part of "a new generation of high-performance green schools" for the city, Thomas L. Wells is the first public school in the country to have received Silver under the Canada Green Building Council's (CaGBC's) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED Canada) rating system.

Artisan Paving Stones - NEW!

We are pleased to announce that Newtonbrook is manufacturing its own paving stones once again - the Artisan Series. As with all of our products, these tumbled pavers are of the highest quality and standards. The series consists of four different sized stones, in the industry's most popular colours, which can be installed together for an antique cobblestone look. In addition to the excellent service and quality products we guarantee, you will also find that our pricing is extremely competitive within the marketplace.


To view paving stone projects completed
by some of our customers, please visit
the following sites:


Other News

Paver Plant Adaptation

In 2009 Newtonbrook enhanced its production facilities to accommodate the increased customer demands of our landscape line of products. The entire production plant has been expanded, new hoppers and bins designed, and a paving-stone machine installed.

Please follow the adaptation of the plant along with us, by checking for updates on this page.

Some of the early work is pictured to the right (last updated on
April 21, 2008).



Newtonbrook concrete blocks featured on 'Holmes on Homes' TV episode

Newtonbrook concrete blocks were used to support a basement that had a crumbling poured foundation problem. As was mentioned during the show, perhaps too much water was used during the original construction and that small cost saving measure caused a problem that took two weeks and nearly $70,000 to fix. Was it worth it? Use a system that has been proven to work for many generations. Use blocks in your basement, the foundation of everything else in your home. Why take a chance?

Is it block?

A first for the block industry! (...Have you seen the new TV commercial?) Look for it during the evening news on most channels or go to Please let us know what you think by using the comment section at or via e-mail at

New! Newtonbrook On-Line Newsletter

We are introducing our on-line newsletter "Creative/Concrete Solutions". It will inform you with updates on our products and industry news of interest. We are also introducing our Quality Statement that reinforces our superior quality, stating how our procedures and protocols of testing our production and aggregates comply with ASTM and CSA standards - please link to our "Quality" page. And with our Research & Development Department in full-gear we are continuously improving the quality of our products and services, with great emphasis on our Lightweight Concrete Masonry Line of Products. Our most recent projects are the Bobby Orr Public School (Oshawa, Ontario), St. Anthony's Catholic School (Toronto, Ontario) and Thomas Wells Elementary School (Toronto) - the first "Green" School in the Toronto District School Board region. See "Schools" section of Photo Gallery.

Download the Newtonbrook Newsletter (PDF).

A Proud Member of the Canadian Masonry Producers Association

As of January 1, 2006, Newtonbrook Block is a proud member of the newly formed C.C.M.P.A. (Canadian Concrete Masonry Producers Association), which is directly associated with the N.C.M.A. (National Concrete Masonry Association).

Please read more in the C.C.M.P.A. January press release:
Canadian Concrete Masonry Producers Association (PDF)

Freeze-Thaw Phenomenon

The freeze-thaw phenomenon of concrete is an everlasting battle for concrete manufacturers and our customers. Please read the following article to better appreciate the powers of cold weather and deicing agents on concrete, as a whole, in this link: Concrete Freeze-Thaw (PDF). Thus, proper sealing with water repellants is crucial for protecting concrete against this phenomenon - any brand with silane or siloxane as the primary ingredient, is recommended.

For more information, please call our office at 1-800-463-5095 or e-mail us at: